Friday, March 25, 2011

The Perks of Crohn's...como whaaaat???

Ok, I know you're thinking how the hell can there be perks to having an inflammatory bowel disease? The disease is miserable and there's no cure. I'm coming from an entertaining point of view. I have to make jokes about the disease, otherwise it will take control of my life. Personally, I prefer to laugh. Always laugh.
So let's see....what are the perks? First off I want to talk about gas. Normally when you're in an intimate or serious relationship you're embarrassed to pass gas. What if it smells? What if it's too loud - like tuba loud? What if it turns the other person off? Well, when you have Crohn's or Colitis it's time to get over being the shy farter. Those nasty things can sneak up on you when you least expect it.
It's especially humiliating when you're under the covers and trying to cuddle. There's just no way you can hide it from your partner. The Egyptian cotton sheets just absorb the odor and it lingers for what feels like forever! I feel like I need to sleep with a Glades air freshener next to my pillow. Now sometimes the gas may be the Crohn's; other times it may just be those pinto beans you ate for dinner.
I'm sure many of you have the "I can't wait" card. I have yet to get this card. I think secretly I don't want to carry it around because public bathrooms gross me out. I also like to think that I won't ever have an accident in a public place: denial. So I use my "I can't wait" for airplanes. If someone else is worse off than me, I will not ask to preboard. I don't want the poor blind lady next to me to be shoved aside. However, I think it would be smart to be near a restroom while up in the sky. That situation would be devastating. The entire flight would know if I was having an explosion in the bathroom. Those oxygen masks would be dropping from the ceiling ASAP! Plus, I'd miss out on getting my free peanuts.
Now this perk I don't always use...I promise (to my friends and family). The, "I can't eat that," excuse. I am being extremely health conscious since I've been diagnosed with Crohn's. There are a lot of people out there who don't understand that it can't be cured by diet. There are also a lot of people out there who think you can just have a little nibble. Rather than sit there and explain how the disease works, I just say I'm not allowed to eat it. I mean there's no food boss out there telling me what I can and cannot eat. Every person is different (for the millionth time). If I decide to splurge a little on a dessert, I will deal with the consequences later.
This one I'm sure my fiance thinks I use, but I swear I don't (wink wink)! The, "I can't have sex because my stomach hurts." On a serious note, I honestly have a very open and honest relationship with my fiance. But I guarantee there are people out there with IBD using that as an excuse! You know who you are! The medication also takes away your drive. So we have numerous things to assign blame to...mmhmm.
I know there will be more perks I will discover. I have the rest of my life to live with Crohn's. I'm sure I can find more positive with this disease. Ready, set...GO!!!!5527660/the-better-marriage-blanket-dampens-farts-to-save-lives-relationships


  1. Copy and paste this's hilarious!!!

  2. as public restrooms go, i prefer planes because the disorienting suction of the flush takes with it any residual... devastation. this is what i tell myself, in any case :)