Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here's My Gut Feeling

This blog is my way to express my personal experience with Crohn's as an individual. I'm still learning and do not claim to be a medical expert. I want this blog to reflect the comedic and serious side of living with Crohn's Disease. At times you have to laugh at the embarrassing moments. At others, you feel sorry for yourself - which is totally acceptable in my opinion!
My fiance and I will be writing a book about our intimate relationship with Crohn's Disease. I'm more than excited to begin writing. I will discuss our adventure gathering information and putting together every chapter. I hope this blog will allow others to not feel alone living with IBD.
More to come....

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  1. I just read your entire blog tonight and I'm so thankful I found it. I've been having an EXTREMELY hard time w/ my crohn's lately and it's starting to depress me. I just really wanted to read something funny and something I could relate to and then I found your blog. SO many times I was thinking I could have written the exact same things. I can't wait for your next post now :)Thank you.