Saturday, July 2, 2011

That Normal Feeling (for the most part)

It's a wonderful feeling to be close to remission, or in remission - my awaited bloodwork results will tell me soon! This will be my first time since being diagnosed October of 2010. I'm not aware as to how long remission will last, but I'm crossing my fingers it's years. Being able to go an entire day without abrupt stomach aches and chronic diarrhea can completely change your mood. I would dread each morning, and fear breakfast - my favorite meal of the day. The diarrhea would cause severe dehydration and joint pain. After my morning "attack" I had such a difficult time functioning the rest of the day. All I wanted to do was sleep and regain my energy. Today is a brighter day.
I am able to have a regular diet, for the most part. Of course it's important for me to maintain a balanced diet. I am still staying clear of gluten, because I have found that it causes extreme bloating. I also try to limit my sugar intake and eat clean, organic foods. BUT if I decide I want a few nibbles of something sweet I will not hesitate. Eating a well balanced meal including all food groups assists me in having formed bowel movements (was that too much info?). Now that is a reward. Sometimes a movement can still cause pain because of my anal fissures, but at least it's solid! Strong like wood! Also, I'm spending less time in el bano. The toilet and I don't see each other too often. I'm not too broken up about our new relationship.
The other benefit of remission is less doctors visits. This has also helped my monthly budget...greatly. When I'm in a flare I see so many doctors in a month. That's a lot of copays! Now I can go for my monthly check-up and not have a list of things to talk about. Sure I could alawys ask a million questions. Like....
"Are you really sure that I have Crohn's (denial)? When am I due for another colonoscopy? Am I taking the right amount of supplements? Is this hair loss normal? Where has my energy gone? Again, are you SURE I have Crohn's?" I could easily drive my doctor crazy talking about all the symptoms I feel with this disease. I also drive myself crazy.
There are always current things that arise with Crohn's. I was just diagnosed with a perineal fistula. I was put on Flagyl and Cipro, which are strong antibiotics. However, I'm still not having the attacks. Most likely the flu-like symptoms are from the fistula. Next week I'll have a boost of Cimzia, and see my Crohn's specialist. I am hopeful and remaining positive. The hiccups that occur in Crohn's will never be easy, but how I deal with them will make the difference. Hope sounds so cliche, but it's something that I must have...always.

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